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Hitachi ABB Power Grids company wins major UK HVDC order

Photo from Hitachi- ABB power grids website(for illstrative purposes)

Hitachi ABB Power Grids company has won a major order from SSEN company, part of the UK energy giant SSE plc, to enable Europe’s first multi-terminal HVDC interconnection.

The link, which will connect Shetland to the UK transmission system for the first time, will enhance security of power supply and help transmit wind power generated on the islands, contributing to the UK’s decarbonization target of bringing all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

As part of the project, Hitachi ABB Power Grids company will deliver and commission an innovative HVDC system, facilitating a multi-terminal link, providing flexibility to transfer power in multiple directions, based on supply and demand, with minimal power losses. This will support power exchange and cost optimization while lowering of carbon footprint.

The HVDC system will convert the harnessed wind power from Alternating Current to Direct Current at an HVDC Converter Station. This power will then be transmitted via underground and sub sea cables to an HVDC switching station at Caithness, in the north of Scotland. It will then be transferred via the Caithness Moray HVDC link (previously executed by Hitachi ABB Power Grids), before being converted back to Alternating Current for onward transmission to meet electricity demand in the north of Scotland and beyond, forming a three terminal DC-system.

Managing Director of the Grid Integration business at Hitachi ABB Power Grids company , Niklas Persson said:

“This innovative HVDC solution will enable SSEN Transmission to efficiently connect and transport renewable energy and deliver clean power to consumers while enhancing grid reliability”

“This project is another example of our new business model focused on our core technology, and reinforces our commitment to a sustainable energy future as the partner of choice for enabling a stronger, smarter and greener grid”.

The HVDC connection will play a key role in the development of Shetland’s renewable energy potential by connecting it to what will be the UK’s largest onshore windfarm. Scheduled for completion in 2024, the system is enabled for future connections and integration of more renewables.

Sandy Mactaggart, SSEN Transmission’s Director of Offshore Delivery said:

“We are delighted to be working again with Hitachi ABB Power Grids for the Shetland HVDC link, building on the experience and strong track record we have established following the construction and operation of the Caithness Moray link,”

“The HVDC link will deliver substantial socio-economic and environmental benefits to Shetland’s, Scotland’s and the UK’s economy, supporting hundreds of skilled jobs in the process.”

Source :Power transformer news website


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