Skills & Capabilities

  • Provides sales and marketing & technical solutions on the Web in the field of all kind of switchgear.
  • Being fully fluent in communicating with customers at exhibitions and sales meetings both in technical and financial.
  • Substantial knowledge about with high & medium voltage circuit breaker and disconnector switch and gas insulated switchgear (GIS).
  • Design, test ,engineering and analyzing of low&medium&high voltage circuit breaker & disconnector switches.
  • Substantial knowledge about all kind of switchgear market analyze and future.
  • Provide new ideas for increasing sales and marketing in current electrical markets.
  • Provides new technologies in research and technical and development of new products for switchgear companies.
  • Offering innovative switching equipment’s technologies.
  • The author of specialized articles on the types of switching equipment.
  • Sufficient and adequate knowledge about medium and high voltage substations and switchgears.
  • Sufficient and adequate knowledge about, AIS, GIS , URBAN, COMPACT ,HVDC substations.
  • Familiar with IEC/IEEE standards.
  • Substantial knowledge about SF6 gas and vacuum interrupters specification.
  • Design, testing, engineering and analyzing of medium/high voltage circuit breaker & recloser & disconnector switches.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills acquired through close relation with vendors and clients as a sales engineer.
  • Motivated with strong tendency to update my technical knowledge and having desire of expanding it.
  • Accustomed to work in difficult situations especially in technical decision-making and performing job on the due date, gain through working as a project technical manager.
  • Ability to work with the group to increase sales and improve and develop products.
  • Completely familiar with the marketing skills of high & medium voltage equipment’s.
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