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Siemens has expanded the range of SF6 gas-free digital primary switchgear up to 24 kV

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has expanded its range of sustainable and SF6 gas-free digital primary switchgear to support the decarbonization of today’s power grids.

The new F-gas-free blue GIS primary switchgear enables an early transition to sustainable grids ahead of regulation.

With a focus on industrialized and high-end ratings up to 24kV and 2500A, Siemens has launched the 8DAB 24 and upgraded the NXPLUS C 24.

Technical specifications and history SF6 gas-free digital primary switchgear at Siemens:

The 8DAB 24 with its single and double busbar design is available for ratings up to 24kV, 40kA, and 2500A and is based on a proven single pole encapsulated design with an installed base of more than 150,000 panels worldwide. This provides high reliability, operational safety, and compact dimensions. Developed with the Robust Eco Design concept, the 8DAB 24 ensures a reduced carbon footprint from manufacturing until end-of-life, making it an ideal choice for a sustainable energy transition.

Siemens has also made significant enhancements to its NXPLUS C 24 medium-voltage switchgear, which was successfully launched in May 2020. The NXPLUS C 24 is maintenance-free and enables innovative and cost-effective operations, thanks to digital protection, control devices, and integrated sensors. Due to continuous development, the NXPLUS C 24 now enables the supply of climate-neutral energy distribution up to 2000A, and a fully flexible extension within the NXPLUS C family is possible.
As a result, Siemens now covers a wide range of medium-voltage applications for primary distribution and will continue to further upgrade the portfolio with higher ratings and additional customer-specific features in the next few years.

Siemens’ sustainable and innovative blue GIS portfolio helps electrical grids transition to eco-friendly networks. Alongside proven vacuum-interrupter technology, the switchgear uses Clean Air, based on natural-origin gases, is free of fluorinated and PFAS gases, and has a global warming potential (GWP) below 1. By combining Clean Air for insulation with Siemens’ proven vacuum-interrupter technology, these blue GIS switchgear help customers reduce their carbon footprint.

The opinion of Siemens managers about SF6 gas-free digital primary switchgear:

“Our blue GIS range supports our customers’ efforts to create a more sustainable future,” said Stephan May, CEO of Electrification and Automation at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “In order to do so, intelligent and sustainable products, which are designed to be future proof, are crucial for utilities and industries in their endeavor to decarbonize and digitalize grids, and ultimately achieve ambitious targets and sustainability goals ahead of regulation. Our 8DAB 24 and NXPLUS C 24 blue GIS systems provide exactly that while building on technology that has been proven for more than 40 years.”

The blue GIS switchgear incorporates software from Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform that enables customers to accelerate their digital transformation more easily, faster, and at scale.

Switchgear integrated smart sensors provide asset transparency and cloud-based analysis methods enable efficient and effective predictive maintenance support which reduces downtime and maintenance costs.
In March 2023, Siemens announced a EUR 30 million investment in its Frankfurt-Fechenheim site in Germany, where blue GIS is developed, tested, and manufactured. A new fully automated warehouse and a 1,200 square meter production area will allow the company to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly medium-voltage switchgear. The factory runs solely on green electricity, has a significantly reduced waste-to-landfill rate, and a sustainable packaging process, contributing to the many measures Siemens is taking to cut the manufacturing carbon footprint.

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