Switchgear Automation

Operation time measurement in GIS according to IEC 61850

The principle of operation of switchgear is shown in First photo for a circuit breaker.The serial input generator sends the first GOOSE message containing the trip command to the circuit breaker controller at the operating mechanism. The digital telegram is then translated to the electric trip command to operate the circuit breaker of the intelligent switchgear. Opening and closing commands are executed.
The principle of calculating the operating times of an intelligent switchgear is shown in Second photo. The total processing time covers the time when the digital telegram reaches the communication device (com device ) until the switchgear has been operated. The intelligent switchgear total operating time is a mechanical fixed time, related to the design and the switchgear standards requirements, with IEC 62 271-100 for circuit breakers and IEC 62271-102 for disconnecting/earthing switches. The total processing delay time covers the time from the arrival of the digital telegram at the com device s until the operation command (trip or closed) arrives at the internal connection point “ B.”

Gas Insulated Substation book by Hermann Koch

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