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Fiber optic current measurement sensor in high voltage switchgear by ABB

Fiber-optic current sensors (FOCS) have reached a high degree of maturity and are about to enter into applications in high voltage substations. The sensors offer a number of important advantages over conventional inductive current transformers (CT) such as high fidelity (large bandwidth, no performance loss due to magnetic saturation), higher safety of operation, drastically reduced size and weight, and digital communication.
Whereas conventional CT is commonly installed as stand-alone devices optical sensors can be easily combined with other high voltage equipment. The new, so-called disconnecting circuit breaker(DCB) with FOCS, unites the functions of current switching, disconnecting, and current measurement in a single device and results in a footprint reduction of over 50% compared to a conventional solution. Such space savings are especially important near big cities. Sensors are preinstalled in the factory which minimizes any on-site installation work
In combination with a digital substation, the new technology is the need for each switchgear.
In this film ABB show connecting FOCS with HV DCB in the substation.


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