High Voltage Disconnector SwitchHV AC Switchgear

Most important information to be given with enquiries and orders in AIS high voltage disconnector and earthing switch

  • Particulars of system, i.e. nominal and highest voltages, frequency, number of phases and details of neutral earthing.
  • Service conditions, including min and max ambient, air temperatures, altitude from sea level.
  • Characteristics of a disconnector or earthing switch:
    • disconnector switch model(HCB,VERTICAL,PANTOGRAPH,…)
    • number of poles;
    • installation: indoor or outdoor;
    • rated voltage;
    • rated frequency;
    • rated normal current (for disconnectors only);
    • rated peak and short-time withstand currents;
    • rated short-circuit making current, if any (for earthing switches only).
    • duration of short-circuit
    • rated static and dynamic mechanical terminal loading
    • how to install and height of the blade from the ground
    • mechanical class(M1,M2)
    • creepage distance of disconnecto rswitch insulator
  • Characteristics of the operating mechanism and associated equipment, in particular:
    • method of operation, (manual or motor)
    • the type of available supply energy (e.g. compressed air, or electrical d.c. or a.c.) and its ratings (pressure, voltage, frequency),
    • number and type of auxiliary contacts.
IEC 62271-102

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