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Vacuum interrupter role in transformer on load tap changer(OLTC)

The use of a vacuum interrupter as a tap changer inside oil-filled transformers has been employed since the 1960s. The fully enclosed arc chamber of the vacuum interrupter proves to be a major advantage.
When the vacuum interrupter opens while changing the taps,the resulting arc is fully contained and does not contaminate the oil with the by-products that result from an arc in the oil itself. The low currents involved result in a very long life for the contacts.This results in a very long bellows life
One consideration for the vacuum interrupter designer is to make sure that the oil filling the bellows has an unrestricted flow as the bellows chamber changes volume during the opening and closing operation.
vacuum interrupters have several technical advantages thanks to their fast dielectric recovery:
➤Improved arc quenching capability in demanding applications such as, phase shifting transformers,series reactors,industrial transformers and SVC transformers
➤HVDC converter transformers where steep zero crossing current curves translate into a need for greater contact gaps in traditional technology
In pic show vacuuminterrupters in OLTC from MR company.


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