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Recommended routine test for MV GIS switchgear according to IEEE

Routine tests are a suitable means in order to verify the guaranteed quality and the expected product properties of the MV GIS switchgear. These tests usually take place at the manufacturer’s premises covering the final product.

Routine test list as below according to IEEE standard:

  • Mechanical operation tests circuit breaker
  • Measurement of the resistance of the main circuit
  • SF6 gas-tightness test
  • Power frequency voltage withstand test
  • Partial discharge test
  • Mechanical operation tests: circuit breakers, disconnect switches and grounding switches
  • Design and visual checks
  • Test of auxiliary electrical devices
  • Voltage withstand test on auxiliary and control circuits
  • Test on the capacitive voltage indicating system
  • Verification of correct wiring
  • Test of voltage and current transformers
  • Function test of interlocks
  • Visual inspection
  • Pressure tests of gas-filled compartments higher than 0.5 bar gauge pressure
  • Point-to-point wiring check
  • Nameplate check
  • Clearance and mechanical adjustment checks
  • Circuit breaker timing
  • Operating mechanism mechanical checks
  • Circuit breaker operating mechanism stored energy system tests
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