High Voltage Circuit BreakerHV AC Switchgear

General information for switchgear to be contained in the typetest reports according to IEC standard

  • the manufacturer
  • the type designation and the serial number of the switchgear
    the rated characteristics of the switchgear as specified in the relevant IEC
  • the general description of the test object, including number of poles
  • the manufacturer, type, serial numbers and ratings of essential parts, where applicable (for example, drive mechanisms, interrupters,…)
  • the general details of the supporting structure of the switching device or enclosed switchgear
  • the details of the operating-mechanism and devices employed during tests, where applicable
  • photo to illustrate the condition of the switchgear before and after test
  • sufficient outline drawings to represent the switchgear
  • the reference numbers of all drawings including revision number submitted to identify the essential parts of the test object
  • a statement that the test object complies with the drawings submitted
  • details of the testing circuit arrangements
  • switchgear condition after tests and anyparts renewed or reconditioned during the tests
  • records of the test quantities during each test or in the relevant IEC
  • the location and laboratory name and date of test.

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