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SF6 leak rate experiment setup

An experiment was conducted to replicate an SF6 gas leak by transferring SF6 gas from one gas bottle to another. The aim of this experiment was to determine whether there was any difference between how each type of transducer trends an SF6 gas leak. The controlled leak was monitored by a quartz oscillating density transducer, pressure and temperature calculated density transducer, a pressure transducer, and two temperature sensors. The transfer of SF6 gas between the bottles was controlled with a needle valve to reduce the SF6 leak rate to as minimal as feasibly possible. The experiment was conducted indoors in a non-climate- controlled environment where there was no direct sunlight affecting the transducer measurements; although, the ambient temperature varied between 17 and 29°C during the experiment. The results of this experiment show that there is no significant difference between the types of transducers that can be retrofitted to a circuit breaker for SF6 density monitoring.

Density Monitoring of HighVoltage SFCircu6 itBreakersPeter Cheetham and Ali HellanySteven Jones

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