Generator Circuit Breaker

Temperature-Rise test of Large Capacity Generator Circuit Breaker

The temperature rise test is an important test of the generator circuit breaker to verify the current carrying capacity. In this case maximum test current is as high as 35kA, in order to simulate the real operating environment. the test sample is tested by a complete three-phase installation, but only test on the single phase, the air temperature can be adjusted by the cooling water. The process of the test implementation is mainly carried out by the following three points, the experimental site layout is shown in figure. The following are noteworthy in this test:

  1. Under large current test, need to pay attention to the test loop and resistance of sample.In order to avoid excessive voltage drop, it is necessary to reduce the current carrying capacity of the connecting cable,select the appropriate test equipment capacity,and improve the port voltage output capacity.
  2. Use appropriate test loop layout, can effectively reduce the running total power frequency electric impedance, also can avoid the skin effect, hysteresis losses, the test circuit body heat, etc.which caused by the
    multi-wire connection, thus affect The normal development of the temperature-rise test.
  3. Under the forced air cooling test conditions, because the adjustment of the wind temperature with the water temperature for heat exchange mode, so with a lag, for its adjustment need to judge according to the temperature limit, so need to adjust it within the allowable range of temperature limits slowly.
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