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Typical circuit breaker auto reclose in high voltage substation

Electrical control and protection system, part2 by Mr. Stephan Brooks.


  1. i don’t see the setting of reclaim time on some protection relay to make it auto reset the 79.
    after the reclose time (cb on again), i can’t simulate to open the cb remotely (blocked).
    any suggestion?

    1. Hi
      79 AC reclosing relay is a relay that controls the automatic reclosing and locking out of an AC circuit breaker.
      The Reclaim time ranges from 0.1 seconds to 300 seconds. The reclaim time is a timer activated after a closing command is given causing the breaker to sends a tripping command if a fault is detected before the end of the time delay.
      Most of digital relays I’ve seen have this option.
      For example in Schneinder relays you must go to delays section and set time.

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