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Effect of heavy snow for high voltage switchgear in substations

Snow drifts can cause a serious threat to site access and inside the substation if blown against primary equipment. As a countermeasure for snow drifts, an increase in the perimeter fence height can be considered.
High levels of snow occasionally prevent work in substations due to the Limits-of-Approach issues.
Equipment specifications include special allowance on Limits-of-Approach dimensions of up to 1m of packed snow and equipment withstand of ice accumulation of 30mm.
In countries and areas prone to severe snow and ice levels, it is essential to consider snow and ice risks in the substation components mechanical design, e.g. structures, control house, conductors, etc.
Mitigation for severe snow levels includes the installation of equipment on raised foundations/support structures in order to maintain the prescribed Limits-of-Approach. for example in figure show 230 kV dead tank circuit breaker installed on high foundations to mitigate Against high snow Levels. In these severe cases snow melting devices can be fitted to the platforms.
Such platforms can add significantly to the total installed cost of the equipment.


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