High Voltage Disconnector SwitchHV AC Switchgear

Operating mechanisms for high voltage disconnectors and earthing switches

Disconnectors are almost entirely actuated by motor-driven operating mechanisms, but manual mechanisms are also used for earthing switches. The operating mechanism is either mounted directly on the base frame of the disconnector or earthing switch.Motor operated mechanisms may also have an emergency manual actuator in case of failure of auxiliary power or for adjustments.
The operating mechanism housing has the position indicator switches for showing the switching position and the motor-operated mechanisms also have contactors, etc. for controlling the actuators.
The mechanical actuation energy is transmitted from the motor to the actuation shaft by a spindle gear, which has an increased torque on closing and opening the main contact point to break ice loads.
Operating mechanism shut down automatically when the end position is reached.The mechanisms of the disconnectors and earthing switches can be interlocked relative to each other and to the associated circuit breakers to prevent maloperation.

ABB switchgear manual

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