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SF6 gas detection thermal camera high voltage substation

One of way to SF6 gas leakage detection in substation is a reliable infrared camera with SF6 gas detection for spotting possible leakage during day-to-day maintenance rounds.These new infrared cameras combines a high-performance thermal imager with a dependable pistol grip form factor, and SF6 gas detection.

These devices have benefits to other way as below:

  • Allow maintenance to be scheduled at a convenient time without any unplanned
  • Reduce the potential equipment damage and cost associated with these leaks.
  • Check for leaks from a safe distance while the equipment is running.
  • Locate leaks in equipment overhead or off the ground.

When using this device, observe the following:

  • Avoid rainy/windy days–under these conditions gas dissipates too fast unless a
    massive leak is present.
  • Gas needs to be a different temperature than your background to see you need a
    thermal contrast.
  • Use a tripod to stabilize the camera during inspection.
  • Place the camera 3-4 m from the target.
  • Common leak locations are flanges, top and base of bushings, tubes.
FLUKE ,Ti450 device catalogue

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