HV AC SwitchgearHigh Voltage Circuit Breaker

Online condition monitoring device (OLM2) on high voltage Circuit Breakers

This device can monitor an detect the following according the below picture:

  1. SF6 :
    For measuring of SF6 gas density a special sensor is used. This sensor also can measure the temperature of the gas also monitors the SF6 leak rate and calculates last date to refill.
  2. Mechanical operation:
    close and open operating times,primary contacts separation speed, damping and over travel of contact,detects deterioration in mechanical performance (friction,corrosion, breakage, spring fatigue, wearness of linking and rods, and damping defects)
  3. Recharging motor operating time:
    motor supply voltage, current and energy,motor or limit switch defects,spring travel.
  4. Hydraulic operatingmechanism:
    pump motor operating time,internal and external leakage,threshold pressure on hydraulic system
  5. Switching:
    current during breaking, primary contact wear,arc time.
  6. Auxiliary and control circuits:
    operating coil continuity,coil current, voltage, resistance, armature
    time and energy,auxiliary supply voltage,heater integrity.
Online Monitoring system OLM catalog from ELCONABB company

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