LV Switchgear

Typical mechanical interlocks role for draw out circuit breakers in LV switchgears according to IEEE standard

➤To prevent moving the circuit breaker to or from the connected position when the circuit breaker is in the closed position.
➤To prevent closing the circuit breaker unless the primary disconnecting devices are in full contact or are separated by a safe distance.
➤ Circuit breakers equipped with stored energy mechanisms shall be designed to prevent the release of the stored energy unless the mechanism has been fully charged. Operators and service personnel shall be protected from the effects of accidental discharge of the stored energy by any of the following means:
1)Interlocks provided in the housing to prevent the complete withdrawal of the circuit breaker from the housing when stored energy mechanism is charged.
2)A suitable device provided to prevent the complete withdrawal of the circuit breaker until the closing function is blocked.
3)A mechanism is provided to automatically discharge the stored energy during the process of withdrawing the circuit breaker from the housing.
Pic show a draw-out circuit breaker in LV switchgear from EATON.


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