HV AC Switchgear

High voltage(>52kv) switchgear bushing type test items according to IEC standard

  • dry or wet power-frequency voltage withstand test.
  • long duration power-frequency voltage withstand test (ACLD).(apply for transformer bushing >= 170 kV)
  • dry lightning impulse voltage withstand test.
  • dry or wet switching impulse voltage withstand test(apply for >300kv).
  • thermal stability test.(apply for partly or completely immersed bushings)
  • EMC test(is applicable for all indoor and outdoor bushings having highest voltage for equipment >= 123 kV)
  • temperature rise test.(is applicable to all types of bushings, excluding liquid-insulated bushing).
  • verification of thermal short-time current withstand.
  • cantilever load withstand test.(is applicable to the air side of bushing)
  • tightness test on liquid-filled, compound-filled and liquid-insulated bushings.(is applicable just for liquid-filled bushing like transformers)
  • internal pressure test on gas-filled, gas-insulated and gas-impregnated bushings.
  • external pressure test on partly or completely gas-immersed bushings.(is applicable to all gas-immersed bushings,with >0,5 bar gauge)
  • verification of dimensions.

In pic shown a silicon rubber outdoor bushing for GIS from HSP company.


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