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Sequence of operations for typical applications on medium voltage GIS switchgear feeders according to IEEE standards


It is assumed that a feeder is in the energized condition and the operating sequences described below are of
a general nature for GIS.In all cases applicable safety and specific operating rules shall be observed.

Sequence of operation for isolation of a feeder:

  1. The feeder circuit breaker is switched to the open position [see Figure(a)]. This unlocks the disconnect switch.
  2. The feeder disconnect switch is switched to the open position [see Figure(b)].Verify by viewing.
  3. The feeder is now isolated on bus side.

Sequence of operation for feeder grounding:

  1. Verify circuit is de energized by means of the integrated voltage detector/indicator.
  2. The grounding switch is switched to closed position [see Figure(c)]. Verify by viewing.
  3. Close the feeder circuit breaker [see Figure(d)].
  4. Lock feeder circuit breaker in closed position according to manufacturer’s O&M manual.
  5. The feeder is now grounded through the circuit breaker on the line side.

In figure shown switching arrange between breaker and earthing switch in a medium voltage GIS switchgear.

IEEE standard

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