Switchgear Testing

Seismic qualification report content using testing for high voltage switchgears according to IEC

  1. Type of circuit breaker :
    • Configuration considered, position of the circuit breaker
    • Load cases considered, design pressure, dead weight, static terminal load, wind and seismic.
    • Earthquake spectrum used.
  2. Testing, if any(such as testing for damping, or testing of a component)
  3. Modifications required, if any, to pass the analysis
  4. Details of nameplate

Equipment data:

  1. Overall dimensions and weights
  2. Natural frequencies, if by dynamic analysis
  3. Damping ratio
  4. Anchorage details, including size, location and material strength for structural members, bolts,welds, and plates
  5. Material properties

Method of testing:

  1. Description of testing equipment (shaking table)
  2. Description of testing method
  3. Description of measuring points and instruments
  4. Equivalence table of micro-deformation of strain gauges
  5. List of natural frequencies and damping obtained from sine sweep test
  6. Comparison of test response spectrum to required response spectrum
  7. Input time histories


Location and values of max accelerations and stresses
In photo shown ABB high voltage circuit breaker on shaking table.


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