MV AC Switchgear

IEC recommendation precautions list that may be taken by switchgear users and operators

Switchgears, can comprise some potential risks, some examples are:

  • The enclosures, if any, may be pressurized with gas;
  • Pressure-relief devices may open due to exceptional conditions, e.g. resulting from an internal arc.
  • Commissioning, maintenance activities may require special attention due to the switchgear internal parts which are mostly not visible.


  • limit access to the installation to people who are trained and authorized
  • keep operators and other personnel instructed regarding risks and safety requirements including local regulations
  • keep switchgear maintained and up to date acc to standard and manuals
  • use remote control and have the interlocking system working as intended
  • select equipment that minimizes the risk to personnel from improper operation (example: earthing switches on lines)
  • coordinate the protection system with product properties (example: do not reclose on internal faults)
  • prepare earthing procedures considering the difficulty of referring to and understanding the complex arrangement and operation of the switchgear
  • label equipment clearly for easy identification of individual devices and gas compartments

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