Switchgear Testing

SF6 gas analyze in switchgear purposes

Before enters Service:

  • To verify the quality and condition of the gas in the equipment prior to the latter being put into service; typically SF6 percentage and humidity are measured,
  • To determine if SF6 decomposition products are present, though normally the result should always be below the permitted levels for re-used.

During Equipment Service:

  1. Periodically(maintenance regime)
    Typically SF6 percentage, decomposition products and humidity are measured. these tests can identify potential problems such as:
    • Dielectric activities(PD, corona).
    • Nozzle wear.
    • Hot spots (high contact resistance).
    • Non-standard switching conditions (heavy duty switching operations).
    • Sealing problems (humidity, air).
    • Improper gas handling (humidity, air, oil).
  2. After an event
    Following a failure may be used as part of the investigation process:
    • To identify the compartment following internal flash over.
    • To identify the level of decomposition products
    • To investigate an abnormal behavior highlighted by other factors, i.e. to identify if the problem is within a gas compartment.
    • To correlate results obtained from other condition assessment techniques(PD measurements).

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