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Recommended commissioning tests for MV GIS switchgear according to IEEE standard

Photo from IEEE Std C37.122.2

  • Inspection of impact recorders provided by the manufacturer, preferably after arrival of the GIS at site
  • General assembly inspection
  • Gas leakage test
  • SF6 moisture and air content test, at least for parts of the GIS that had to be filled at site
    Equipment list check
  • Nameplate check
  • Component device check
  • Point-to-point wiring check for wiring connections done on site
  • Control system functional test
  • Voltage test on main circuit with 80% of the power frequency voltage test values
  • Voltage test on control wiring for wiring connections done on site
  • Overall appearance inspection
  • Current transformer primary or secondary current injection, polarity verifications, ratio tests,saturation tests,
  • Insulation tests, and secondary winding resistance measurements
  • Voltage transformer ratio tests
  • Verify phasing: primary and secondary
  • Electrical and mechanical interlocking
  • Circuit breaker contact resistance test
  • Circuit breaker timing tests
  • Circuit breaker mechanical operation tests
  • Disconnect switch and ground switch operation tests
    Inspection report should be provided for each GIS section and for the entire assembly.
IEEE C37.122.2

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