High Voltage Circuit BreakerHV AC Switchgear

Recommended commissioning tests for high voltage circuit breaker according to IEC

  • general checks including assembly,tightness,external insulation, paint, corrosion protection, operating devices, earth connection and operations counter
  • checks of electrical circuits including wiring, position indication, alarms, lockouts, heating and lighting
  • checks of the insulation including filling pressure and quality
  • site operations
  • insulating and interrupting fluid alarm and lockout pressures on rising and falling pressures
  • characteristic rising and falling operating pressures for hydraulic and pneumatic systems including lockout, low pressure alarm, safety valve
  • power consumption during operations
  • verification of the operating sequence
  • closing and opening times of each pole including control and auxiliary contacts
  • recharging time of the operating mechanism
  • mechanical travel characteristics for circuit breaker
  • opening,closing and auto reclosing at the minimal functional pressure for operation
  • anti pumping operation checking
  • the application of an opening command on both releases simultaneously
  • protection against pole discrepancy
  • dielectric tests on auxiliary circuits
  • contact resistance test

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