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Condition monitoring automation System according to IEC 61850 for medium voltage GIS Cubicle

The configuration diagram of the ICMD for GIS Cubicle is shown in Figure . The UHF antenna, pressure sensor, and stroke and coil current sensor are installed in the cubicle GIS’s tank. The sensing data are transferred to ICMD(integrated Condition Monitoring & Diagnosis). The I-CMD diagnoses the condition of the GIS Cubicle, which results are transferred to GUI (Graphic User Interface) system for operator. The smart method monitors and diagnoses the condition of CGIS using UHF antenna for partial discharge (moving particles, electrode protrusions, flooring electrodes, void in solid insulation etc.), pressure sensor for leakage and burst out of tank, and coil current, and stroke sensors for VI (Vacuum Interrupter) trouble (contact abrasion, coil aging, motor damage, disoperation etc.) . The proposed method can communicate with the smart grid in IEC61850 protocol. The intelligent monitoring and diagnosis method can prevent the failures of GIS cubicle carrying the enormous blackout as well as the un-The communication protocol between the I-CMD and GUI system is IEC 61850.


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